� Coffee

� Tangerine

� Orange

� Lime

� Peach

� Almond

� Quince

� Horchata

� Tamarindo



� Aged (Reposado)

� Silver (Blanco)

This fine liqueur comes in 7 different flavors
Lluvia de Estrellas has created a series of exquisite cordials using only the finest fruit extracts and its own elegant Tequila Lluvia de Estrellas.

This combination results in a superb cordial of delicate flavor and robust aroma bringing to you the celebration and traditionof Mexico.

Each of these classic cordials is presented in a special bottle with a hand painted label featuring a 'Jimador' working in the fields. A 'Jimador' is a field hand whose job is to remove the leaves from the Agave plant and expose the 'pineapple' or fruit of the Agave used to make only the finest tequila.

The label is hand made by local artisans from Tonala, Mexico. No two Lluvia de Estrellas collection bottles are exactly the same and each one carries the initials of the individual painter.


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