A traditional beverage with a unique distilled juice flavor taken from the rugged plants. It is an elixir that distils tradition; is like drinking history itself. To taste Tequila Lluvia de Estrells is to venture into a world of legends and ancient tradition.

The Lluvia de Estrellas (Rain of the Stars) Legend?

It is said that a storm swooped over a field of agaves and made some stars fall like rain heating their core and delivering a delicate kind of honey. The natives became aware of this transformation, and after tasting it, they considered a devine gift from Mayahuel, Goddess of the soil's fertility and since that moment, they worshipped it, and used it at their ceremonial rites.

The label is hand made by local artisans from Tonala, Mexico. No two Lluvia de Estrellas collection bottles are exactly the same and each one carries the initials of the individual painter.


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